Chinese Plywood Importer


We are major Chinese plywood importer in to India. Main varieties we deal in are Commercial, Water-proof, Marine plywood & Packing Plywood of different thickness as per clients requirements. We also export plywood from India to several markets in the world especially the Middle East. Commercial plywood is generally used for interior and indoor purposes. They can be used for making our home and office furniture's

Water Proof Plywood is for exterior and outdoor purposes. They are made using chemicals and can adequately provide water proofing.

Marine plywood is very strong and is especially used for ship building and related works. Its strong quality comes with high cost.

The most common used sizes are 8*4, 8*3, 7*4, 7*3, 6*4, 6*3 etc. (all sizes in Sq. Feet). Thickness also varies 3 to 25 mm depending on the type of plywood. Please Contact Us» for any requirements.

Film Faced Plywood


We're known as major Chinese Plywood importer of premium quality  film faced plywood of various varieties and can be provided as per customers demand. We can cater to all your requirements you just need to mention and we can ensure stock is ready and delivered at your place or warehouse. Meem Exim works both as an importer and exporter and deals directly with large manufacturers. Contact Us» for best quote today.